Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well It's Up And Ready...

The Trampoline that is.

Once my Mum gets an idea in her head there's no going back. I had an appointment yesterday so left her with Geoff and the kids to go and make their purchase.

One thing about my Mum is that if she's doing something now she does it to extremes. I think this is to make up for Dad not being here as he always had to buy the best or biggest thing for his Grandkids (or indeed himself, Mum, Me, get the drift!). So in this respect I now have not an 8ft or 10ft trampoline but a bloody 12ft one, with a safety net and rain cover no less.

It's friggin huge and is taking up a nice portion of my garden.

Chloe and Geoff, knackered already!

And Max...thanks for the tips! I already know 3 kids who have been to casualty in the last year! So the safety net stays put and I'm thinking of hiring security for the side gate to ensure my new stict numbers policy is adhered to!

Jenny xx


Matt Cooper said...

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Detective Matt

Wreckless said...

I like the safety neWe don't have that here... nice..


Steven Douglas said...

First time I ever saw a safety net around a trampoline...fuckin' ridiculous, if you ask me. Paranoia creeping into everything enjoyable about life.

Next thing you know, they'll be putting safety nets around cars and other dangerous objects...what about a net around the States? :-)