Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wierd Weather...

What funny weather we're having at the moment. It's all hot and sunny one minute and pouring down with rain the next.

Yesterday we headed to Port Seaton to spend a wee while out on the beach. It was glorious when we headed off but as is usual (and expected) it was chillier by the shore. In fact as we looked along the bay towards Edinburgh it seemed the sun was still shining there so we headed back towards the beach at Portobello. 2 minutes along the road and the heavens opened. The rain was bouncing off the streets and in a matter of minutes there were huge puddles appearing all over the place. There was also a fair bit of thunder and lightning which we drove through. 10 minutes later we arrived at Portobello and there had been no rain there at all. It was still chillier than inland but nice enough so we sat for a while. Bizarrely enough we sat on the beach looking back round the bay where we'd come from and could see the dark clouds over that area and hear the thunder still rumbling in the distance.

A while later we decided to head home again and being rush hour we went the long way back to avoid certain traffic blackspots. We had just hit Duddingston and again the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning came. It must have caught up with us! We ended up eatign fish and chips in Mum's lounge having played cat and mouse with the rain all the way home.

Today has been muich the same. One minute the sun is shining and it's boiling hot, the next the sky goes dark and the heavens open.

For all the thunder we've had though in the last few days it is still humid and muggy.

Jenny xx

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