Friday, April 01, 2005

The Meaning Of Life?

I've received an e mail today from a company carrying out research into the question "What is the meaning of life?". They wanted my answer to it.

It's a question that has puzzled mankind for all eternity, many a great philosopher has tried to find the answer, many a famous scientist has tried to baffle us with their answers by blinding us all with scientific theories. Even Freud must have thougth about it and came up with his own conclusion. What the fuck makes this lot think I have the answer? Me, a bloody Mum of 2 from Scotland? Saying that I probably know a bit more about what real life involves than any scientist or philosopher!

My response was this....Who gives a shit? While these bloody idiots waste their life trying to figure it out, I'll actually be living life! They will die without finding the answer and without ever having had a life. I on the other hand will have many a good, bad or just plain mad memory to look back on...

Jenny xx

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