Wednesday, April 13, 2005

She's Bloody Well Moving Alright....

We have been out today with my Mum looking round her new house.

She has been desperate to move from her present address since the day my Dad died (which was 9 days after they moved in) and has been waiting since January to get a look at her new place.

There is a touch of the Peter Kay about it...her new home is in a complex of sheltered houses...Mum is only 54! They are really designed for those who may be afraid living alone or may need help. As Mum has been recently widowed and has arthritis they decided to give her one.

Anyway we went for a nose round today. The verdict? It's the very fellow. Quite spacious, all brand new and shiny.

Quite frankly there was no need for us to go and view it at all. She was moving in whether she liked it or not! Both my sister and I are immensley glad to get her shifted I can assure you!

So all going to plan she'll be fully ensconsed in 7 days from now.

It feels a bit strange having her in sheltered housing at 54 but it saves us the bother of putting her in a home when she gets old!

Jenny xx

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Nikki said...

I just hope your mum does'nt get a computer and read this....mmmmm I dont think so... You would be in soooo much trouble