Thursday, April 21, 2005

All Hail...Benedict The Dictator

So the Catholics have got their new Pope.

Good for them.

Tell me this though...if any country has a leader who is homophobic, racist, intolerant, facist, dictorial, sexist and uncompromising what would happen?

I'll tell you..the civilised world would enforce sanctions on them to get change, they would exclude the country from international committees and inevitably the USA would start a conflict with them and we would all join in.

Pope Benedict XVI is all of the things described above.

It may be coincidence but wasn't Hitler all of these things as well.

So how come we were willing to lose the lives of thousands and thousands of soldiers and civillians to rid the world of one such character yet we are openly applauding the election of another?

Beats me.

Jenny xx

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