Monday, April 11, 2005

Chaz And Millie...

So at long last Charlie Boy has made an honest woman of Camilla. About bloody time.

I don't give a toss if he becomes King one day...I don't give a toss if she becomes Queen. To me this was a love story. Simple as that.

Camilla has waited 35 years for her Prince and has finally bagged him even though the public once thought she was the devils work.

I for one wish they had married all those years ago...they would have been happy and Diana would probably still be alive and living her life with someone else.

Diana was undoubtedly an asset to the Royal family but she was not a victim of it, she was a victim of circumstance and she was as good as any at manipulation when it was needed. Camilla would probably have been a safer bet all round even way back then. She looks every inch the suitable escort for our future King. Much more so than a young, beautiful, naive, immature, unstable girl who wanted the status and the freedom as well.

Camilla has taken a lot of stick over the years, all those comments about her being ugly and frumpy, but yesterday she looked radiant and her and Charlie made a great looking couple.

I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

PS - Someone ought to tell HM the Queen that it is rude to wear Ivory or White to a wedding when you are not the bride. Oh and a few smiles wouldn't go amiss either..could she look anymore miserable??

Jenny xx

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