Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Got To Be Mentioned...

Saturday was not only my birthday but was a day of great joy in my house for another reason. That reason was this....Celtic 0 Hearts 2.

Funny how things just make you happy eh?

Beating any the old firm is a cause for great delight for supporters of all the other teams in the league. It is especially sweet when it's on their turf and when one of their ex players does the damage and all the more sweet when your work are playing host to Billy McNeill, celtic legend, next day!!!

Anyway I shall not brag...We play them again in the cup semi in a few days time and I will eat my hat if they don't hump us something rotten!!!

For now though I shall enjoy the moment.....

"Away up in gorgie at Tynecastle park......."

Jenny xx

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