Friday, April 01, 2005

Oh Ross

I have just been browsing my mate Ross' blog.

He's been playing host all week to Sara, a friend who's over from Sweden. Sara used to work in the club that Ross and I currently bless with our presence.

Ross has got a posting on about his feelings for Sara which make intresting reading. To the untrained eye it looks as though Ross is expressing that he has realised he feels more for Sara than just friendship. If only it were that simple.

Let me tell you about Ross as I see it. Ross is the sort of person I like and get frustrated with all at the same time. Why? Becasue he has so much potential but cannot see the way to use it productively. I'm not talking about his comedy...I'm talking about him. The person.

He is a loving, caring man. A good specimen of a human being. He may preach about how life sucks and the establishment fuck him up but that is comedy Ross. Not to be confused with real Ross. Real Ross wants the picture we all, companionship, family. He might not like to think so but read the poetry for yourself, read the blogs for yourself and tell me I'm not right.

I'll be honest and say that until recently Ross has been a friend I work with and have known for a while. In this last few days I have realised that Ross is a good friend, someone I'd like to know for life. The sort of person you choose to have around not just tolerate. Now the fog of my Dad's death is lifting I can see those who were there when I needed them and who still are. Ross is one such person. I know I can approach him with anything, be met with a sarcastic remark and gentleness all at one time. A rare and beautiful combination!!

One day he'll meet someone and everything will fall into place for him, like the dream he has. When he does the hurts of the past, although always there, will turn from negative to positive and will no doubt provide great comedy value. Nothing is funnier than life and it's mysteries and up's and down's.

No doubt I will watch as he stumbles on for a while, holding onto his past like a drunk holds the bottle, but I'll leave him to find his own way. When he does and I'm proved right...I won't say I told you so, friends don't do that. I'll just buy my hat for the wedding, sit back and observe my clever, witty, loving, intelligent and funny friend become a great partner and a great Dad.

For now though let's let Ross be Ross.

Jenny xx

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