Monday, April 04, 2005

Boys Will Be Boys...

I came home from work last night to find my Mum on the sofa with my nephew and the rest of the house quiet. Strange as she was watching 3 of her grandchildren and quiet is not normally a word associated with this.

I find out that she is utterly horrified because my nephew and my son went out to play and came home soaking wet and covered in mud from head to toe.

They had been playing in the burn at the back of my street. Granny was outraged when my 4 year old informed her he did this a lot.

She promptly stripped them both, bathed them and now had one cuddled up in bed and the other on her knee.

I got a lecture about the dangers of the water, the dangers of the mud, the germs they will now have, the state of their clothes, the bugs they will have encountered and I'm sure she mentioned diptheria and scarlet fever!!!

It's obvious my mother only had girls to raise. Any parent with a son knows that if they come in clean they've been up to no good!!!

Jenny xx

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