Sunday, April 03, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

It's my Birthday. My favourite day of the year. 2nd April. I don't know why I like birthday's so much, just always have. I enjoy other peoples as much as my own!!

2 hours ago I had my hair done.

In 2 minutes I'm opening a bottle of wine.

In 2 hours I'm off out.

By the time my actual arrival time into the world comes at 10.20pm tonight I will no doubt have drunk more vodka than is good for me and will think I am Olivia Newton John. I will embarass myslef by doing the moves to Tragedy by Steps or heaven forbid the Cha Cha Slide!!

In the morning I will most certainly feel my new age..which is a secret!!!

So depite the impending hangover I know will's Happy Birthday To Me!!!! Now where's the bloody corkscrew???

Jenny xx

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