Thursday, April 21, 2005

Colleen McLoughlin...Chav Princess!

Wayne Rooney slapped his girlfriend. He had probably just had her credit card bill in.

Colleen has played the whole event down. The press have gone wild calling Wayne a thug and have had their "experts" in advising Coleen to dump him.

Get a grip...I once hit my other half with a large tub of nappy cream in fit of petulance, he then threw a wet nappy at my head! Anyone with kids will tell you a wet nappy and a large tub of sudocreme can do damage to your head! Did we split up? No. We pissed ourselves laughing about it!

There is a time when domestic violence cannot be tolerated but there are times when we all momentarily do things in the heat of the moment that is silly or totally out of character.
I don't think of myself as a husband beater or my better half as a wife beater! I'll bet many a couple up and down the land have been in the same boat (although maybe not with a nappy and a tub of cream!!)

Colleen knows the script..she is a lass from a council estate background who's boyfriend happened to be talented and make the big time. She is living the dream. She has the money, the house, the cars, the credit cards. She is a chav (or ned as we scots call them) girl who is making the most of her break.

Maybe it will all go pear shaped for them. Who knows? Who cares?

What I do know is that Colleen would walk away with c list celebrity status, money in her pocket and probably her own chat show on itv 1 in the morning!

Jenny xx

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