Thursday, April 07, 2005

Off To Psychic School....

I'm going to go to psychic school. I imagine if I trail the internet enough I'll find one. I do have a good reason for wanting to go....Here are a few examples...

Mum: -
"Hello it's me, I've just phoned your sister but she's not in, where is she?"
"Hello it's me, I've just phoned your sister and she's engaged, who the hell is she talking to?"
"Hello it's me, I'm trying to get your sister on her mobile but I'm not getting an answer. Has she got her mobile with her?"
"Hello it's me, I can't decide if I should put my washing out, is it going to rain?"
"Hello it's me, I saw someone today that you know, do you know who?"
"Hello it's me, Do you know if your sister is on her way to mine?"
Hello it's me, that woman was supposed to be here an hour ago. Do you think she's not coming?"

These are typical examples of phone calls I receive from my mother each week.

So my reason for going to psychic school is will allow me to have a decent conversation with my mother!!

Jenny xx

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