Sunday, April 10, 2005

Coming Through..Lady On Crutches!!!

Out of the way...coming through..mad woman on crutches....

Yes, I've had a disaster!

Yesterday I decided to break into a little sprint while crossing the road. Don't ask what happened..I never felt a thing! I got back in the car and my foot hurt like hell.

I spent yesterday hopping around refusing to go to hospital as you do. Today though I felt the need to concede defeat and made my way to casualty.

Turns out I've pulled the ligaments and/or tendons in my heel. The achilies or something! Apparently I'm lucky as I haven't torn it which would have resulted in 8 weeks in a plaster cast!

I am now bandaged up to the knee and in possession of a pair of crutches!!

Anyone who has ever had crutches will know that as well as a sore foot I now have sore armpits!! Christ they're hard work! I'm a danger to those around me when I'm on them!

So it's complete rest for the next few days then trying to get moving it again. I've to go to Physio for help with that which I'm sure will be fun!

On the plus side...I have some great painkillers which make me feel totally out of it and I did get a win on the horses yesterday, which is just as well as I was leaving the bookies when this happened!

Jenny xx

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