Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Get A Bloody Life...

Phone rings...

"Hello, I'm calling from the usa, you recently spoke to my colleague about having an intrest in the stock market" says a singsong voice

"Em no I didn't" says I

"Yes you did..anyway I'm here to give you some more information" says a cheery toned american female

"no you're not" says I

"Yes I am and you'll like what I'm going to say...I'll change your negative view...this could really help you get a better financial future for you and your family...it could make you rich...you give me 10 minutes and I can help change your life, you could be sending your kids to college without worrying about expense, you could travel the world, retire early from your employment...that sounds good right? so now what do you say?" Says over cheery patronising american woman.

"Fuck Off" says I.

Click. Phone goes down.

You know I may well have chatted a bit longer had I not had a life. And anyway who the fuck does she think she is calling during Eastenders.

Jenny xx

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