Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A New Enemy....

I am a woman at war.

There is a new enemy in my sights. It is sneaky, determined and always increasing in numbers. It is so far proving resistant to my weapons to destroy it.

It is head lice.

My 8 year old has got a head full. She's now had them for the best part of 3 months. I have treated her hair with everything under the sun, chemicals, conditioners, shampoo's, organic oils...but the little buggers just keep coming back. I might try weapons of mass destruction next...it's about all I haven't used!!!!

I spend hours combing, treating, washing and combing again, my 8 year olds hair but alas I am still getting nowhere.

I will not be beaten...I am now offically at war with these little critters and such is my obsession that I am actually feeling elated each time I crush one of them to death! I am now taking their refusal to die personally.

Of course if perhaps my child's school had a bloody nit nurse we might get a bit of assistance in sorting this out. It's all very well me treating my child but if some other parent doesn't we're back at square one again. I'm not alone here. Most of my child's friends are going through the same thing...we used to sit over coffee gossiping about the goings on in our street now we chat about nits!!!

Anyhow Nit stuff should be free...it's costing me a bloody fortune!!

Wish me luck..I'm off big beast hunting again!!

Jenny xx

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