Saturday, April 02, 2005

Still Laughing....

It was the anniversary of my Uncle's death yesterday. 6 years since he was killed in a tragic accident after falling no more than 10 feet from a ladder.

He was a character, one in a million and an unrivaled storyteller. He saved my Dad's life after he was shot in the war, Wrestled with a great white shark and was a motorcylcing champion. Of course none of it was true..but when you're 8 you'll believe anything!! He was a hero to his nieces and nephews and since his death is now a family legend.

As well as being my Dad's brother in law he was also his great mate. Now they are together agin god only knows what havoc they are causing on the other side. I know this though...if there's a pub up there they're in it!!

Uncle Andrew...we still remember and we still laugh.


Jenny xx

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